Salem Audubon Nature Reserve

In West Salem, this seven acre parcel of wooded hillside on Eola Drive off of Edgewater Street (see map) was preserved through the generous contribution of the Gehlar and Schneulle families in 1992.  For the past 15 years, Salem Audubon volunteers have worked to improve this urban forest for wildlife habitat and as an educational resource for the community.  Efforts are underway to eradicate exotic plant species, including particularly invasive English ivy, Scotch broom, and Himalayan blackberry.   In the summer of 2001, volunteers began developing a long-range plan to include neighbors, community groups and schools with preservation and restoration efforts.  The City of Salem Public Works awarded Salem Audubon a Watershed Protection and Preservation Grant to assist in this effort.  Check this site periodically for specific opportunities for help from neighbors, community groups, and schools, or call our office at 503.588.7340.

For a brochure with a visitor's guide and trail map of the Nature Reserve, please click here.