July/August 2018

President's Message; 2018 Bird Identificaiton Workshops; Article: Marbled Murrelet -- Populations Continue to Decline (David Harrison); Upcoming Field Trips; Oregon Birds: Flight and Feathers (Mike Unger);  Dine on Invasive Species to Support Sage Grouse; Salem Environmental Education Presents Clamming the Oregon Coast; What's Happening at the Reserve.

June 2018

President's Message; 2018 Bird Identificaiton Workshops; Upcoming Field Trips; Birds and Wine Event at Cherry Hill Winery; Bird Walks at Illahe Hills Country Club; Oregon Birds: Flight and Feathers; Audubon Reserve Work Parties; Salem Audubon Financial Report. 

May 2018

President's Message; Article: Year of the Bird; Article: A Boost for Birds in the Federal Budget; 2018 Bird Identification Workshops (Mike Unger); Salem Environmental Education Presents Lectures; Oregon Birds: Water Birds -- Grebes, Herons, etc. (Mike Unger); Birder's Night: Saving Philippine Eagles (Cordi and Joe Atkinson); Article: Want to Improve Your Carpentry Skills?; Article: Busy House Wren Construction; Beginning Bird Class (Maureen Leong-Kee); Chapter Meeting: Raising Kid Colt: A Story of a Young Sandhill Crane (Gary Ivey); Upcoming Field Trips; 3rd Annual Birdfeeder Yard Tour (Barbara Dolan); What's Happening at the Reserve; Birds and Wine Event at Cherry Hill Winery.

April 2018

President's Message; Article: Please Join Us; 2018 Bird Identification Workshops (Mike Unger); Birder's Night: Dr. David Craig's Outstanding Research Accociates in X; Salem Environmental Education Presents; Oregon Birds: Hummingbirds of the U.S. (Mike Unger), What's Happening at the Reserve; Chapter Meeting: Riding Along from the Comfort of Home - Tracking Whales and Studing Behavior by Satellite (Ladd Irvine); Article: Peregrine Falcons at Yaquina Head, Newport (Mitch Rohse); Upcoming Field Trips; Oregon Birds: Water Birds (Mike Unger); Beginning Bird Class (Maureen Leong-Kee); Backyard Birdfeeder Tour (Barbara Dolan); Article: Want to Improve Your Carpentry Skills?; Member Photos.

March 2018

President's Message; 2018 Bird Identification Workshops (Mike Unger); Article: Our Birds are Counting on You (Tim Johnson); Audubon Reserve Work Parties; Marion SWCD Native Plant Sale; Birder's Night: A Taste of Australia (Glen Lindeman); Salem Environmental Education Presents: Little Brown Fishes of the Willamette River Basin; Migratory Bird Treaty Act Under Threat (David Harrison); Find Inspiration at the 2018 Mid-Valley Yard, Garden and Home Show; Welcome new members; Article: Photographing a Northern Pygmy-Owl (Stephanie Hazen); Chapter Meeting: The Marbled Murrelet: a secretive bird of forest and sea (S. Kim Nelson); Upcoming Field Trips; Oregon Birds: The Evolutioni of Birds and Hummingbirds of the U.S. (Mike Unger), Backyard Birdfeeder Tour (Barbara Dolan).

February 2018

President's Message; 2018 Bird Identification Workshop Schedule (Mike Unger); SAS Membership Renewal Reminder; Oregon Birds: Exploring Raptors: Birds of Prey (Mike Unger); Salem Environmental Education Presents Wildlife of Oregon; The Marbled Murrelet and the Oregon Endangered Species Ace; Birder's Night: Meandering in Brazil's Pantanal (John Matthews); Why Birds Count (David Craig); Audubon Reserve Work Parties; Chapter Meeting: Birding the Border Country -- Lake, Harney, Washoe and Humboldt Counties (John Shewey); 2017 Salem Christmas Bird Count Report; Upcoming Field Trips; Marion SWCD Native Plant Sale and Scholarship Fundraiser; Oregon Birds: The Evolutioni of Birds (Mike Unger). 

January 2018

President's Message; Article: The Trump Adminstration Goes After Public Lands (David Harrison); Oregon Parks and Recreation Department First Day Hikes; Birder's Night: Photo Sharing; Salem Environmental Education Class: Birds of Oregon (Mike Unger); Audubon Reserve Work Parties; SAS Membership Renewal Reminder; Chapter Meeting -- Malheur: Past, Present and Future (Bob Sallinger); Win two tickets to the Oregon Symphony; Upcoming Field Trips. 

December 2017

Salem Christmas Bird Count; President's Message; Becoming a Sustaining Member of Salem Audubon Society; Birder's Night: China Birds from Bottom to Top (Pat and Joann Gallagher); Participate in Photo Sharing at January Birder's Night; Upcoming Field Trips; 2018 Oregon Wings and Feathers Calendar; Feeding Winter Birds; Chapter Meeting (January), Malheur: Post, Present and Future (Bob Sallinger); 2018 Winter Wings Festival; Audubon Reserve Work Parties. 

November 2017

President's Message; Sage Grouse, Prisoners and the IAE Need Your Help; Salem Christmas Bird Count Workshop, Birder's Night: Here Be Dragons -- Birding on the Edge of North America (Bill Proebsting); Sage Grouse Under Threat; Cape Perpetua Land-Sea Symposium 2017; Chapter Meeting: Hunting Birds with a Camera -- How William Finley and Herman Bohlman Used Photography to Save Oregon's Birds (Laura Cray); Upcoming Field Trips; Mark Your Calendar -- 2017 Salem Christmas Bird Count; 2018 Oregon Wings & Feathers Calendar; An Essay by Mitch Rohse; Audubon Reserve Work Parties; Salem Environmental Education Lecture Series;    

October 2017

President's Message; Oregon Birds Workshop -- Land Birds (Mike Unger); Birder's Night: Birds, People and the Land of Ireland and Scotland (Jonathan Pope); Chapter Meeting: Eagles in Oregon: Lessons from Watching Them Watch Us Watch Them (Frank Isaacs); What’s Happening at the Reserve; Salem Christmas Bird Count Workshop (Mike Unger); Upcoming Field Trips and Shorts; Vaux's Happening at the Salem Bahá'í Center?; Article: Streaked Horned Larks in the Willamette Valley (Niles Brinton); Lecture Series: Natural History of Oregon (Salem Environmental Education).

September 2017

President's Message; Birds and Cats; Birder's Night: Sagebrush in Prisons--Unlikely Heroes Saving Sage Grouse (Stacy Moore); Chapter Meeting: Coastal Conservation Issues and Strategies--the Land-Sea Connection (Paul Engelmeyer); Oregon Birds ID Workshop: Lakd Birds (Mike Unger); Upcoming Field Trips and Shorts; Article:Whoooo??? (Mitch Rohse); Salem Environmental Education Lecture Series. 

July-August 2017

President's Message; Legislative Update, Salem Environmental Education presents River Currents, Oregon Birds: Shorebird ID, Fall Birder's Night and Chapter Meeting Programs, Upcoming Field Trips and Shorts.  

June 2017
President's Message; Salem Audubon Birdathon, Oregon's Elliott State Forest Update, Heritage Seedlings Property Restoration Tour, Lake Capitol Earth Day Event, EcoFest: A Party for the Planet Event, Nature Walks at the Nature Reserve, Investing in Conservation and Salem Audubon Society, Salem Environmental Education's Summer Nature Talks, Upcoming Field Trips and Shorts.  

May 2017

President's Message; Salem Audubon Birdathon, Accident Insurance Policy, Oregon Birds Workshops, Conservation Corner: Pesticides and Birds, Great Egret wood sculpture raffle, What's Happening at the SAS Reserve, Birder's Night: Trinidad and Tobago -- Birding the Caribbean Islands (Kathy Patterson), Chapter Meeting: The Ankeny Hill Nature Center -- Everything We Know, Salem Environmental Education's Outdoor Adventures Series: Backpacking (Mike Cloughesy), Upcoming Field Trips, Backyard Birdfeeder Tour, Oregon's Osprey at Eola Bend Park. 

April 2017
President's Message; Investing in Conservation and Salem Audubon Society; Songbird Workshops;
The Endangered Species Act is Itself Endangered; Grant's Getaway with Jim Leonard; A Day at the Coast; Song of a Meadowlark; Great Egret Wod Sculpture Raffle; Request for Information on Sightings of Color-Banded Oregon Vesper Sparrows; What's Happening at the Reserve; Birder's Night: In Search of Golden Eagles along the Owyhee River (Stephanie Hazen); Seeking an Outreach Coordinator; The State of Oregon's Forests; Salem Audubon's New Land Stewardship Award;  Chapter Meeting: Birding Without Borders: An Epic World Big Year (Noah Stryker); To Our Generous Donors -- Thank You!; Upcoming Field Trips; Birds and Wine Event at Willamette Valley Vineyards; Backyard Birdfeeder Tour.

March 2017

President's Message; Oregon Birds: Songbirds 1, 2 and 3; Woodshop; Great Egret Wod Sculpture Raffle; Volunteer Orientation Meeting for Yard, Garden and Home Show; What's Happening at the Nature Reserve; Marion Soil & Water Conservation District Plant Sale; Seeking Volunteers!; Birder's Night: My Big Year, Take Two (Glen Lindeman); Seeking Outreach Coordinator; Outdoor Adventures Lecture: Hiking (Bill Sulivan and Zach Urness); Birds of Hawaii by Mitch Rohse; Find Inspiration at the 2017 Mid-Valley Yard, Garden and Home Show; Chapter Meeting: An Intimate Look at Nesting Peregrine Falcons (Wayne Hoffman); Upcoming Field Trips; Backyard Birdfeeder Tour; Songbird Workshops.

February 2017

President's Message; 2016 Salem Christmas Bird Count Report; Conservation: Wind Power and Birds; Thanks to Our Generous Donors; Welcome New Members; Find Tundra and Trumpeter Swans in the Willamette Valley; Lecture: GMO Crops; Birder's Night: The Birds of Rummel Street (Paul Sullivan); Chapter Meeting: How Woodpeckers Can Save the World (Stephen Shunk); Upcoming Field Trips; Lecture: Exploring Raptors/Birds of Prey; 2017 Marion SWCD Native Plant Sale; Mid-Valley Yard, Garden and Home Show; Audubon Reserve Work Parties.

January 2017
President's Message: funding ODFW's conservation mission; Membership Renewal; Conservation Corner: Oregon Vesper Sparrow Update; What Makes Salem Audubon Tick?; Birder's Night: Photo Sharing; 
Upcoming Field Trips; Chapter Meeting: Birds of Pandora's Box by Rick Boatner, ODFW; Orebon Birds-Exploring Raptors; Outdoor Adventure Series: Kayaking and Canoeing, What's Happening at the Reserve?; 

December 2016
President's Message: Nature Center Update; Salem Christmas Bird Count, Saturday, December 17; Thank You Donors; Oregon Audubon Council Advances Conservation; Feeding Winter Birds; The Birds of Rummel Street; AmazonSmile; Welcome New Members; Birder's Night: A History of Counting Birds (David Craig); Upcoming Field Trips; Education Committee Volunteers Needed; Volunteer Opportunities at Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuges; Are Eastern and Western Gray Squirrels Hybridizing?

November 2016
President's Message: Role of the Board in governance of Salem Audubon, Salem Christmas Bird Count Workshop: Tips and Techniques, Conservation Corner: Scientists Call for Urgent Conservation of Landbirds in U.S. and Canada, William L. Finley NWR: Take a trip this fall, What's Happening at the Reserve, Birder's Night: Great Gray Owls in California, Oregon and Washing by Harry Fuller, Birds and Wine Event at Left Coast Cellars, Chapter Meeting--Hidden in Plain Bite: The surprising Connection between Food Choices and Ecosystem by Katie Cantrell Upcoming Field Trips, Environmental Issues: Climate Change in Oregon, Salem Christmas Bird Count

October 2016

President's Message: Nature Center Public Meeting; Thanks to our Generous Supporters; Welcome New Members, Audubon Reserve Work Parties; Water Rising Lecture and Benefit; Birder's Night: Local and Endanagered Birds--Birds as Art by Douglas Beall; Oregon Birds: Ducks, Geese and Swans; Chapter Meeting: New Hikes on the Oregon Coast by William L. Sullivan; Upcoming Field Trips, Birds and Wine Event at Left Coast Cellars; Salem CBC Workshop--CBC Tips and Techniques; Salem Christmas Bird Count Date Announcement.

September 2016
President's Message: Nature Center Update, Friends of Willamette Valley NWR Complex, New SAS Office Location, Ankeny Hill Habitat Restoration, Amazon Smiles on Salem Audubon, Birder's Night: Last of the Best -- The Hawks of the Wild Zumwalt Prairie by Marcy Cottrell Houle, Chapter Meeting: What's in a Name (or Does a Killdeer Kill Deer?) by Dan Gleason, Audubon Reserve Work Parties, Summer Conservation Projects, Conservation Corner -- Time for a New Approach (Managing the Klamath Wildlife Refuge for Wildlife), Willamette Valley NWR Volunteer Luncheon, Upcoming Field Trips, Pelagic Tour, Birds and Wine Event at Left Coast Cellars, Oregon Birds Class -- Ducks, Geese and Swans.

July-August 2016
President's Message, Conservation Corner -- Collapse of the East Sand Island Cormorant Colony, Welcome New Members, Audubon Reserve Work Parties, What's Happening at the Reserve, Upcoming Field Trips, Pelagic Tour, Malheur NWR Field Trip Report, Upcoming Birder's Night and Chapter Meeting Topics, Falcon Fledge Week by Mitch Rohse.

A Great Turnout for the Backyard Bird Feeder Tour, What's Happening at the Reserve, Birds and Wine at Left Coast Cellars, Upcoming Field Trips, Special Field Trip to Bird Haven, Pelagic Tour.

June 2016
President's Message, Conservation Corner -- Northwest Forest Plan Under Threat, Oregon Birds -- two new classes, Report on th eWillamette Valley Habiitat Symposium, A Great Turnout for the Backyard Bird Feeder Tour, What's Happening at the Reserve, Birds and Wine at Left Coast Cellars, Upcoming Field Trips, Special Field Trip to Bird Haven, Pelagic Tour.

May 2016
President's Message, New SAS Logo Cap, What's Happening at the Reserve, Welcome our newest SAS Member, Oregon Birds: Songbirds Part 1, Bird-a-thon 2016, Birds and Wine at Left Coast Cellars, Birder's Night: Managing Double-crested Cormorants at the Mouth of the Columbia River (Dan Roby), Chapter Meeting: Greater Sage-Grose: The Canery in the Sagebrush (Kelly Hazen), Upcoming Field Trips, Backyard Bird Feeder Tour, Salem Audubon Society Founders: 1969, Special Field trip to Bird Haven, Conservation Corner: Glass and Birds, Pelagic Tour, 38th Annual Birding and Wildflower Festival, Silver Falls State Park. 

April 2016
President's Message, Conservation Corner: Success on Mining Pipes!, Welcome SAS's newest board member Maureen Leong-Kee, Birder's Night: Gibson's Wandering Albatross on Adams Island (Peter Moore), Chapter Meeting: Wildlife Photography: Shooting with no closed seasons or bag limits! (Keith Kohl), Welcom to our newest members, Upcoming Field Trips, Willamette Valley Habitat Symposium, Backyard Bird Feeder Tour. 

March 2016
President's Message, Willamette Valley Habitat Symposium, Bird Conservation Alliance, Birder's Night: Hipster Birders in Honduras (Leong-Kee and Martens), Chapter Meeting: Malheur, The Jewel of the Northern Great Basin (Tim Blount), Upcoming Field Trips, Birds of Prey Class (Mike Unger), Willamette University Volunteers Attack Jobs at SAS Nature Reserve, Mid-Valley Yard, Garden and Home Show, Gray Whales on the Oregon Coast (Carrie Newell).

February 2016
President's Message, Salem Christmas Bird Count Report, Update of the Nature Center at Ankeny NWR, Beginning Birding Classes, Birder's Night: The Unique Birds and Habitats of Southeastern Arizona (Unger and Johnson), Mid-Valley Yard, Garden and Home Show, Chapter Meeting: Turtles in Peril: Saving Ancient Species in Modern Times with Sue Beilke from ODFW, Upcoming Field Trips, Conservation Corner: Bird-Friendly Coffee.

January 2016
President's Message, Beginning Birding Classes, Membership Renewal Reminder, Birder's Night: South Africa with Pat and Joann Gallagher, Chapter Meeting: Sand Rollers, Suckers, and Sculpins -- Exploring the Diversity of Ecology of the Willamette Basin's Native Non-game Fish with Brian Bangs, Minto Island Conservation Area and Minto-Brown Island City Park, Upcoming Field Trips.

December 2015
Salem Christmas Bird Count, President's Mesage, Birder's Night: Photo-Sharing Night, Chapter Meeting (January), Upcoming Field Trips, Conservation Corner: Lake Abert: A vanishing Important Bird Area.

November 2015
President's Mesage, SAS Nature Center Update, Birder's Night: An Owl Ate my Poodle: Bird Myths, Facts and the Power of Wonder (Jim Dawson), Chapter Meeting: Plant Roots, Create a Habitat, Transform the World...One Tarden at a Time (Nikkie West), Havitat work in the Nature Center Vacinity--Ankeny NWR, Summer 2015, 2015 Salem Christmas Bird Count, Upcoming Field Trips, Conservation Corner: The Oregon Vesper Sparrow, Welcome new members.

October 2015
President's Mesage, Nature Center Update, Birder's Night: Acorns, Buntings and Cabernet: Grassland Birds in Our Changing Rural Landscapes (Joel Geier), Chapter Meeting: Snowy Owl Diet and Foraging Behavior in Southeastern Oregon (Kelly Hazen), What's happening at the SAS Reserve, Upcoming Field Trips, Beginning Birding Seminar at Sportsman's Warehouse, Is Your Bird Feeder a Weed Seeder, 116th Salem CBC -- Mark Your Calendar, Avian Influensa: Lear How You Can  Help Stop the Spread, Conservation Corner: Mining Pipes a Death Trap for Birds.

September 2015
President's Mesage, Nature Center Update, Conservation Corner: Elliot State Forest, Left Coast Cellars, Upcoming Field Trips, SAS Shorts, Birder's Night: Avian Potpourri (Evelynn and Jerry Smith), What's happening at the SAS Reserve, Chapter Meeting: The Forever Business (Laura Tesler), eBird Northwest.

July-August 2015

President's Mesage, Migrathory Bird Treaty Act Under Atack, Monarch Butterflies in Salem, Upcoming Field Trips, What's happening at the SAS Reserve, September Birder's Night and Chapter Meeting.

June 2015
President's Mesage, Upcoming Field Trips, Goats at SAS Reserve, SAS Engaged in Conservations, New Shelving for SAS Office

May 2015
President's Mesage, Wine and Birds at Left Coast Cellars, SAS Birdathon, Finley NWR Open House, What's Happening at the Reserve, Native Flower Test Garden, Birder's Night: Birding the Mayan Ruins in Guantemala, Chapter Meeting: The Black Butte Blues, Upcoming Field Trips, Restored Upland/Wetlands Prairie and Oak Savanna Tour, and Cormorant Slaughter at East Sand Island.

April 2015
President's Mesage, Minto-Brown Island Park Master Plan Development, Long Years of Service to the SAS Nature Reserve, Birder's Night: Geese in the Willamette Valley, Chapter Meeting: The Secret Life of Western Bluebirds, Goat Attack on English Ivy in SAS Nature Reserve Planned, Upcoming Field Trips.

March 2015
Conservation Corner, Membership renewal reminder, SAS-Advocates launches, Beginning Birding Classes begin, Birder's Night: Birding by Boat, SAS Volunteer Orientation Program, Chapter Meeting: From Waterways to Flyways, the Salmon/Avian Conneciton, Audubon Reserve Work Parties, Upcoming Field Trips, Don't Miss the Yard, Garden and Home Show.

February 2015
President's Message: Nature Center Update, SAS Receives Grant from Marion SDCW to cover meeting costs, SAS Conservation Outreach, Birder's Night: Creating Backyard Habitats for Wildlife and Pollinators, Native Plant Sale, Upcoming Field Trips, Banded Red-tail Hawk at Minto-Brown Park, Volunteers needed for Yard, Garden and Home Show, Volunteers needed for Banded Horned Larks Project, SAS Nature Reserve.

January 2015
Volunteers Donate Their Time, Labor and Resources to SAS, Membership Renewal Reminder, President's Message, Upcoming Field Trips, Birder's Night: A gentle Look at the Rugged Land of Peru with Bil Proebsting, Chapter Meeting: Creating Beautiful Sustainable Landscaping with Marthe Springer.

December 2014
Salem Christmas Bird Count, Native Wildflower Seeds Donated to SAS Nature Reserve, Master Plan for Minto-Brown Island Park, SAS Reserve Tree Raffle, Upcoming Field Trips, Birder's Night: Birds of Prey, Chapter Meeting: Creating Beautiful Sustainable Landscaping that Attracts Wildlife and Pollinators.

November 2014
President's Message, Stream Bank Habitat Improvements at SAS's Business Office Location, Upcoming Field Trip Schedule, Birder's Night: Photo-Sharing Night, SAS Reserve Work Parties, Chapter Meeting: Photography for Twitchers or My Favorite Tricks for Better Bird Images with Steve Dimock, Funds Raised for Salem Audubon. Announcing SAS Facebook Update.

October 2014
115th Christmas Bird Count announcement, Hasta la Vista, Osprey!, Upcoming Field Trips, Reserve Work Parties, Birder's Night: Jim Scott's Winter Birds of Arizona, Chapter Meeting: Protecting Arctic Alaska's Breeding Birds: a 12-Year Adventure with Joe Liebezeit, Avian Mistletoe Project

September 2014
President's Message, Upcoming Field Trips, Happenings at the SAS Nature Reserve, Birder's Night: Wheeler County by Stephanie Hazen, Chapter Meeting: Bird Migration in the Willamette Valley by Don Boucher and Lisa Millbank, Salem Audubon Engaged in Conservation, Keeping Bee-friendly Plants Bee Friendly, Salem Audubon is Moving.

July/August 2014
Birder's Night programs for fall, Raptor Handling Seminar, Upcoming Field Trips, Summer Appeal, Salem Audubon Nature Reserve Happenings

June 2014
President's Message, Nature Center update, Jim Scott: SalemAudubon Nature Reserve Volunteer, 2014 Bird-a-thon, Os[reu at Salem Audubon Nature Reserve, Field Trips.

May 2014
President's Message, SAS Bird-a-Thon, Avoid Impacts to Nesting Birds, Photographic Exhibition, Birder's Night: The Oregon 2020 Project with W. Douglas Robinson, Beginning Birding Classes 2014, Audubon Nature Reserve, Chapter Meeting: The Amazing Lives of Birds with Noah Strycker, Celebrating 50 years of the Finley NWR, Upcoming Field Trips, Bluebird Man film showing.

April 2014
President's Message, North American Migration Count, SAS Bird-a-Thon, Birder's Night: Around the Globe with David Craig and Students, Beginning Birding Classes 2014, Audubon Nature Reserve, Chapter Meeting: Oregon for the Curious by William Sullivan, Taking Photos of Hummingbirds, Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, Upcoming Field Trips.

March 2014
President's Message, Beginning Birding Classes 2014, SAS Blue Heron Raffle, A Rare Bird Visit at Ankeny, Birder's Night: "Exploring Minto-Brown Island Park's Birds and Their Habitat", Chapter Meeting: "The Magic of Malheur", Marion Soil and Water Conservation District's 12th Annual Native Plant Salem, Upcoming Field Trips.

February 2014
Beginning Birding Classes 2014, ....House Cats and Wild Birds....Birder's Night:  "Gorgeous Birds in Everyday Salem Places"....Chapter Meeting: "Feathers and Flora: A program about bird and plant interactions" by Don Gleason....Upcoming Field Trips and Events....."Ordinary Extraordinary Junco" Encore.

January 2014
Salem Christmas Bird Count Report, ...."Ordinary Extraordinary Junco" Film....President's Message....Birder's Night:  "Kenyon Birds and Beasts" by the Gallaghers....Chapter Meeting: "Klamath Basin" by Quin Read....SAS office has moved announcement....Upcoming Field Trips and Events.

December 2013
Salem Christmas Bird Count, ....Salem Audubon Reserve is an Oak Legacy...Birder's Night:Photo Sharing Night ....Fall Appeal...Upcoming Field Trips.

November 2013
New Salem Audubon Logo Cap....Mark Your Calendar for CBC....Birder's Night: New Zeland's Offshore Islands....President's Message...Upcoming Field Trips...Chapter Meeting: Managing Grassland and Oregon White Oak Havitats for Wildlife.

October 2013
Message from President....Birder's Night: Uganda Adventures with Fred Ramsey....Change of Membership Renewal Reminder...Upcoming Field Trips...Chapter Meeting: The Good, Bad and Unforgetable Thru Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with Dorothy Brown-Kaiser....SAS Reserve Seeks New Tenants....Jerry Smith Memorial Kiosk Dedication.... Dragonfly Migrations

September 2013
North America Migration Count....Dedication of Jerry Smith Memorial Kiosk....Birder's Night: Photography of Len Boeder...Upcoming Field Trips...Chapter Meeting: Is it snow or Snow Geese? with Kelly Hazen....President's Message

July/August 2013
Birder's Night Program to resume this September...Reminder -- Change to Annual Membership Renewal Policy...Upcoming Field Trips...Audubon Reserve Work Parties...Chapter Meetings for 2013-14...Field Notes

June 2013
Birdation....Upcoming Field Trips...Chapter Meetgs 2013-14...Exploring Siletz Bay NWR...President's message...The Annual Cycle of Summer Nesting....Birder's Night Program Resumes in September...What's Happening at the Reserve...Field Notes

May 2013
President's message...Beg Birding Class...Bird-a-thon......Birder's Night: Photo Sharing...Field Notes...Upcoming Field Trips...May Backyard Birds and Habitat...Chapter Meeting "Native Plants, Native Birds and Community Landscapes" by Joel Geier.

April 2013
President's message...Beg Birding Class...Bird-a-thon...Membership Renewal Policy Change...Birder's Night: Evolution is for the Birds by David Craig...Field Notes...Upcoming Field Trips...April Backyard Birds and Habitat...Chapter Meeting: New Kiks in the Central Oregon Cascades by William Sullivan.

March 2013
President's message...Birder's Night: Adventures with The Birds and Animals of Sebah,  Borneo...Field Notes...March Springs Forward for Birders...Upcomming Field Trips...Chapter Meeting: Poetry of the Natural World.

February 2013
Beginning Birding Class...2012 Blue Bird Conservancy Program...Field Notes...Birders' Night: My Mini Big Year...February Backyard Birds...Upcoming Field Trips...Chapter Meeting: Mussels and Acquatic Ecosystems.

January 2013
Salem Christmas Bird count...Beginning Birding Class...President's Message...Birders' Night: Sea Birds and Saved Birds...Chapter Meeting: Rain Gardens...Upcoming Field Trips...Audubon Nature Reserve Activity...Field Notes.

December 2012
Remembering John Lundsten...Birders' Night: Birds of Guam with Ray Temple...Upcoming Field Trips...Audubon Nature Reserve Activity...Salem Christmas Bird Count...Field Notes.

November 2012

President's Message...Birders' Night: Photo Sharing....Thanks to Copper Creek Mercantile...Chapter Meeting: "The Willamette Valley Refuges"...Upcoming Field Trips....Field Notes.

October 2012
David Harrison...Fender's Blue Butterfly...Photographying Hummingbirds....Upcoming Birders' Chapter Meetings and Field Trips....Benefits of Member Email Addresses.

September 2012
Nature Discover Walks...Rummaging for Birds...A Call for Volunteers....Upcoming Birders' Night and Chapter Meetings...Upcoming Field Trips....At the SAS Reserve....Benefits of Member Email Addresses.

July/August 2012
Message from the SAS President....Field Notes...Upcoming Field Trips.

June 2012
SAS Birdathon....Volunteer Recognition...Field Notes...President's Message...Minto-Brown Island...Upcoming Field Trips...Board Elections

May 2012
Chapter Program "Australia via the Princes Highway" by Fred Ramsey... SAS Birdathon... Field Notes... Birders' Night "Columbia Birding Adventure" by Bill Castillo... President's Message... Upcoming Field Trips.

April 2012
President's message... Birders' Night: Birds that Watch Us Back... Chapter Program: The Red Tree Vole... Introduction to Birding Series continues... Upcoming field trips... Birdathon: May 16-23.

March 2012
President's message... Long-billed Curlew Theme for Birders' Night... Upcoming field trips... Chapter Program "Western Gray Squirrel decline"... Remembering Jerry Smith... Field Notes.

February 2012
Beginning birding classes... Birders' Night: attracting wildlife with native plants... tribute to Doug Knudsen... upcoming field trips... field notes... Western Bluebird program update ....President's message.

January 2012
Salem Christmas Bird Count review... President's message... Birders' Night, South Africa birds... upcoming field trips... Chapter Program, Surviving Fire in a Southern Swamp.

December 2011
Salem Christmas Bird Count, Saturday, December 17... update on nature center project... Birders' Night photo sharing... upcoming field trips... remembering Al Rice.

November 2011
SAS traveling education programs for students and teachers... pelagic birds of the Oregon coast... Migratory Bird Treaty Act update... surviving fire in a southern swamp... upcoming field trips.

October 2011
Siting of nature center set for Ankeny NWR... a journey to photograph hummingbirds in British Columbia... meet Laurie Buswell, the new chapter administrator... great programs that connect youth and nature... upcoming field trips

September 2011
Salem Audubon partners with U.S. Fish and Wildlife on nature center... annual chapter meeting agenda... the magic birding curcuit of Equador,,, upcoming field trips... summer field notes

June 2011
Gulf Coast oil spill documentary... 2010-2014 strategic plan... nature center five-phase process... lead and the environment... field trips... field notes

May 2011
Spring Birdathon is here... strategic plan presentation schedule... Chris Shank and her Cockatoos... Rufous Hummingbirds finally make spring arrival... Jim Leonard photography...

April 2011
Birders ply what they learn... Fighting invasive plants at the Reserve... Decimation of wetlands affects Pacific Flyway... Events at Friends of Straub Environmental Learning Center... Field Trips...3rd Annual Wildlife Baby Shower...

March 2011
Strategic Planning moves ahead on two fronts... Adventures of a grassroots environmentalist... Photo sharing... Events at Friends of Straub Environmental Learning Center... Field Trips...

February 2011
Take advantage of our beginning bird classes in 2011... Make a big jump into Phase II of our Nature Center... Middle-school birders receive special treatment... Strategic Planning... Adventures with Stephanie Hazen... Field notes... Treks on Tap...

January 2011
Bird count helps expose loss of wildlife habitat... Strategic planning for SAS is under way... Nature  Center planning retreat scheduled for 19 Feb 2011... 2010 Western Bluebird results decline again... Gardening for Birds... Turtle Ridge... Latest bird watching sightings...